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Aly Carrill Grober is also an art instructor at Texas School of the Arts.  Her artistic style inspires her students to just try their best and have fun as they explore unique ways to express their creativity. 



"Mrs. Grober, thank you so much for celebrating cultures and teaching our children of the different months to recognize diversity. A bonus of having virtual lessons is that I am able to learn arts along side my daughter. I even do my own art project along side her. We enjoy the art sessions!!"


"Even through the computer she (Aly Carrill-Grober) is inspiring these kids to develop a deep love and appreciation for the visual arts!"


“The art teacher (at Texas School of the Arts) is an angel, seriously. My daughter is a major perfectionist and Mrs. Grober has given her so much encouragement to try new things and not be afraid of making mistakes. She’s made her feel so safe and loved, and it’s just a really special thing that goes beyond teaching art itself (which she is also great at)."

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"Mrs. Grober knows how to make art fun, whether virtually or in-person.  My son carefully watches her YouTube videos, trying to master the lesson she is teaching.  Her assignments are so engaging that he always wants to do more..."

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