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Artwork of

Aly Carrill Grober and her father, Fernando Carrill 

Here is a father and daughter artistic team.  Fernando Carrill, primarily a sculptor, but inspired to be creative with any media to express an idea and his daughter Aly Carrill, art teacher and artist.  Having grown up in an art studio, Aly was inspired to be an artist early on. Also creating art out of any materials that allow her to express an idea, from collage, to paintings, to glass, to concrete.  Together, they are inspired by nature and find ways to express their creativity through multi media.   


Artist Statement

As a woman, a Cuban-American, and a veteran of the US Air Force, Aly Carrill creates from her experiences.  Aly has called many states home.  She was born in California, but also grew up in New Jersey, Utah, Florida, New York, Colorado, and Hawaii.  Her travels and artistic mentor-ship from her father, a bronze artist, has inspired artistic creativity since she was a little girl.  Aly graduated from University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in glass art.  From painting, to glass, to collage, to jewelry, Aly Carrill enjoys creating and sharing her passion with children in her role as an art teacher in Fort Worth, Texas



Aly Carrill creates jewelry that is lightweight and made for everyday wear.  She enjoys creating jewelry simplistic in design and from non-traditional materials such as wood and rubber.  The use of rubber is unique in that the bracelets stretch to fit most everyone.  Aly is fascinated with the juxtaposition of sturdy wood versus soft flexible rubber.  The use of an industrial material such as rubber as jewelry expresses her fondness of using everyday objects in re-purposed ways.  Her jewelry displays marry the beauty of a natural found piece of wood with an industrial man-made material such as concrete.



Aly creates colorful abstract paintings that are bold with color and design.  From her use of color, to abstract representations, her work allows the viewer to each come to their own interpretation.  Aly Carrill has an eye for design and is inspired by the process of painting, how colors react to one another, how shapes play off one another, how line can draw attention.  Her creative process is intuitive, and often evolves during creation into pieces that evoke a sense of calm.              



Artist Statement

There is a passion through creating art.  I let the imagination guide me within.  The ideas can come from an odd rock, a bone, the human figure, the clouds, water.  Then through an observation of materials, I start bending wires.  I may make a model in a small scale to help decide the scale of my art.  


The ideas come from inspiration.  I allow my ideas to flow automatic through my hands, trusting my hands completely.   The continuous flow of creativity will reflect the object I am working.  When I create, there is a sense of accomplishment.  


People ask me about my artwork, asking “What material is this?” and “How did you make this?”  The primary base of my work is bronze.  It has also allowed me to progress and use other materials, such as stainless steel, copper, concrete, water.  Ultimately, nature is my inspiration.  Water is a big influence of my work.  I create fountains, not only for the visual, but also to hear the sound of nature.  A reoccurring theme in my work is balance.  There is a balance in nature.  I recreate balance in many forms through my artwork.

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